Company Imformation

- Company Philosophy -


We are united in our will to the lofty goal of building a "graceful and attractive company.
We have adopted "STEP by TOMORROW" as our company slogan
and Our corporate message is "Flexible Integrated Services"

- Company Trait -

Although we are a small group, we are highly regarded for our specialized FA technology, and we have developed more than 10,000 systems throughout Japan and overseas. In addition to providing high quality engineering services for FA/control, production management, and quality control systems, we also focus on developing our own original packaged products.


”We make our dreams be our creative energy”

with compassion and kindness, Bold, meticulous, and adventurous.

A company is a group of people, and a company is made up of the passion, ideas, and romance of each and every one of its employees. Therefore, each and every one of us should have high aspirations, aim to build a beautiful company full of individuality, dreams, and romance,and to measure intellectual fulfillment, spiritual satisfaction, and self-realization through our work.
Now that creativity rather than efficiency is being demanded in system construction, senses and sensitivity and think freely.In addition, in order to demonstrate creativity, it is necessary to break away from "product-oriented thinking" and shift to "market-in orientation".we need to create a climate of freedom and open-mindedness in our companies, and be playful and affluent business people, so that we can hone our.
There is no such thing as a complete company; it is incomplete, and to maintain it indicates decline, the only way is growing. Therefore, it is essential to be sensitive to the corporate environment, to pay close attention to one's own position and reputation at all times, to maintain an awareness of problems, and to take on bold and meticulous challenges.